For 25 years, we’ve brought our expertise, insights, and guidance as process consultants to the diamond processing industry.

Our main area of expertise is diamond mining production and diamond evaluation. We’ve been involved in more than 50 bulk sampling projects in South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho, Angola, Sierra Leone and Canada. Over this time, we’ve worked alongside BHP Billiton, Petra Diamonds, De Beers, Firestone Diamonds, Mothae Diamonds and other smaller companies. We’ve also completed more than 20 Caustic Fusion projects, achieving the quality standard of 90% recovery of all tracers.

The PMC team is highly knowledgeable about the industry and the demands of bulk diamond sampling. Our competency extends to multidisciplinary services in remote areas, as well as operations and maintenance of treatment plants.

in 2023

PMC acquired the only microdiamond analysis laboratory in South Africa

This acquisition enabled us to provide the complete microdiamond analysis service. We’re now able to reduce samples through caustic fusion to recover micro diamonds down to 75um with 60 X Microscopes, weighing the micro diamonds with an ultra-micro balance and characterising the micro diamonds.

Our team is well acquainted with ISO 9001 Quality Management. Looking to the future, we’re preparing to obtain ISO 9001-2015 QMS certification.

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